Which one is Better? WordPress vs. Blogger

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We are now often asked by new users exactly why they should using WordPress instead of totally free blogging services just like WordPress.com and Blogger?

codituts is the largest resource web site for WordPress the beginner, so it will be totally obvious that we favour WordPress over some other blogging platforms. In this post, we will do a WordPress vs Blogger comparison and review to allow you to make a decision which one is much better for your requirements.

We will cover almost all WordPress vs Blogger pros and cons, so that you can get the best decision when it becomes Blogger vs. WordPress as a platform for your web site.

Important: Please note that the comparison is between self-hosted WordPress .org and also Blogger, not WordPress.com vs Blogger. Please notice our guideline on the main difference between self-hosted WordPress.org vs Totally free WordPress.com blog.


Blogger is a blogging services provided by the technical giant Google. That is totally free, reliable most of the time, and also quite enough to publish your stuff on the internet. However, this is not owned by you. Google runs this service and also has the correct to shut it down, and shutdown your own access to it any time.

With WordPress, you make use of a WordPress hosting service provider to host your personal web site. You can be totally free to decide on how long you would like to run it and when you would like to shut it down. You own almost all your own data, but you control what info you share with any kind of third party.


Blogger is a nice tuned service with very limited tools permitting you to perform only specific tasks on your web site. The things you can try out on your own blog spot blog are limited, and also there is not any method you can still extend them to meet a requirement.

WordPress is an open source software, so that you can very easily extend it to insert brand new features. There are millions of WordPress plugins permitting you to modify and also extend the default feature set such as inserting the store to your web site, creating portfolio, and etc.

When ever comparing WordPress vs Blogger for business web sites, and then WordPress is hands down the best long term answer for almost any serious company owner.



Blogger by default only just provides a very limited set of templates to using. You can actually modify the colors and also layout of those templates making use of the built in tools, but you can not set up your personal layouts and make modifications. There are actually a few non-official Blogger templates available, but yet those templates usually are really low quality.

There are lots of totally free and also premium WordPress themes or templates which permit you to set up professional looking web sites. There is a WordPress theme for almost any type of web site.

It does not matter which your web site is all about, you can find a lot of top quality themes or templates that are simple to modify and also customize



Moving your web site from Blogger to a completely different technique is a complicated activity. There is a significant risk you will lose some your own SEO (search engine rankings).subscribers, and also followers during the move.

Even when blogger permits you to export your own articles, your own data files stays on Google’s servers for a long time.

Making use of WordPress, you can still move your web site any where you like. You can actually move your WordPress web site to a brand new host, change website domain, or maybe move your web site to some other articles management systems.

Also in case you comparing WordPress vs Blogger Search engine optimization, and then WordPress offers a lot more Search engine optimization benefits.


Making use of Blogger you will have the added benefit of Google’s robust secure platform. You don’t require to be worried about handling your own server’s resources, securing your web blog, and creating back up.

WordPress is quite secure, but yet since it is a self hosted answer that you are responsible for security and also back up. There are lots of WordPress plugins that can make it simpler to you.



There can be limited support readily available for Blogger. That they have a very simple documentation or a user’s forums. In terms of support, your own options can be very limited.

WordPress has a very active online community support system. There will be online documentation, community forums, and also IRC chat rooms that you can get help from knowledgeable WordPress users and also developers.

Apart from community support, there are lots of companies offering high quality help support for WordPress. Check out our guideline on how exactly to perfectly request for WordPress help support and also get it.


Blogger has not seen any kind of major upgrade since a long time. We have seen Google kill their well known expert services just like Google Reader, Adsense for feeds, or the possible demise of FeedBurner.

Future of Blogger depends upon Google, so they have the correct to shut it down when they would like.

WordPress is an Open Source software which means that it is future is not dependent upon one company and also individual (Take a look at the history of WordPress). It will be developed by a community of developers and also users.

Becoming world’s best known articles management system, 1000s of businesses all over the world depend uponit. The future of WordPress is brilliant and also reassuring.

Hopefully this WordPress vs Blogger comparing helped to you understand the pros and cons of each and every to provide help to help make the correct option for your online business.

To find out more about WordPress, we highly recommend you to read our guideline on Exactly why is WordPress Totally free? and also nine most popular misguided beliefs just about WordPress.

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