Top Free Responsive Slider Plugins In WordPress

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Most learners usually always get overwhelmed by the amount of slider plugins readily available for WordPress. Even when we as compared the overall performance of three best quality WordPress slider plugins, a few of our users really wanted to learn more about some other totally free well known WordPress sliders. In this post, we can easily show you the nine most effective totally free responsive WordPress slider plugins.

Soliloquy Lite


In our overall performance testing, Now we have do not found a responsive WordPress slider plugin that can potentially beat Soliloquy’s speed, responsiveness, and also easy use. Soliloquy Lite is the totally free version of the well known Soliloquy slider plugin. This lite version is totally functional and also super-fast, which is what you require if you would like your web site to get ranking much higher on search engines. This also permits you to insert meta data files for each and every slide that makes it the most Search engine optimization friendly WordPress slider plugin available on the market.

Meta Slider


Meta Slider is a great mixture of a number of totally free slider scripts, transitions, animation and also rendering effects. It is quite easy to use. Other features are available as a separately sold pro version of the plugin

Meteor Slides


Meteor Slides is a basic WordPress slider plugin. It is actually responsive and also mobile friendly. When ever creating a slideshow, you have to insert each and every slide one by one and also select a slideshow for each and every slide once you insert it. This plugin is too basic for users on the lookout for a lot more features.

Cyclone Slider 2


One more easy to use WordPress slider plugin. Cyclone Slider two permits you to very easily insert slider to your own WordPress web site. Comes with a number of styles and then transformations and this can be configure while creating your own slideshow.

Posts Slider


When the name would suggest, Posts Slider permits you to show your own posts in a slider. Upon activation the plugin has all of the colors set to black, and also you might notice a black box whenever you insert the slider shortcode. You will need to adjust the color styles and also play around with the slider settings to get it correct.

 Smooth Slider


Easily smooth Slider is a multi-purpose slider plugin. You need to use it to set up articles slides by selecting which articles to show in slides. You could also set up your personal slides by uploading pictures.

Smart Slider 2

Brilliant Slider comes with a unique customizer that permits you to instantly set up a slideshow. It is really packed with strong features, animations, and also improvements. However, a lot of features are locked behind a paywall. Will still be helpful if you would like to immediately insert a slider to your own WordPress web site.

Easing Slider Lite


Easing Slider Lite is a bloat-free, light weight and also very simple WordPress slider plugin. It is simple to using and also integrates well with the WordPress media uploader. It really does not have a lot of features, as you would expect, those features are readily available with premium quality version.

Nemus Slider


Nemus is a very simple but yet feature unique WordPress slider plugin. It permits you to set up slides from videos, HTML, posts, and of course pictures. Comes along with lots of side effects and also transformations in fact it is very easy to using.

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