Most Effective Time Saving WordPress Shortcuts

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If you would like to highlight a word and phrase, you will have to lift up your palm from the keyboard, get the mouse (or simply touch pad), highlight the written text, shift the mouse over the I key and also simply click it.

That’s a number of work with basically italicizing a large piece of written text. That’s exactly where the Ctrl+I keyboard combination can be very helpful!

WordPress comes with a “What You Can See Is Exactly What You Get” (WISIWYG) editor. It can be an interactive high written text editor which provides support for plenty of rich text activities – just like highlighting written text, bullet points, headings, block up quotes, and etc. But the truth is you are already aware this.

Exactly what you most probably did not actually already know that Ctrl+K combination opens the website link dialog box. Insert the Web url, so the meaning or your written text is hyperlinked without a mouse click on ! If you like just what you’ve read, check out the following amazing WordPress keyboard shortcuts.


This is a well known idea that a lot of themes or templates and also plugins insert their very own short code keys to the Visual Editor. Even if this is definitely useful to many of us, now we have totally excluded this in our article. This promises that everybody will get the same base to gain knowledge from.

We haven’t set up any specific brand new plugin and themes that adds some extra keys and posts in the Visual Editor.
When you don’t have a clean up set up of WordPress, you can still basically make a visit and also try the original Visual Editor over right now there!

Lastly, just in case you’re making use of a Macintosh personal computer, and then there’s simply no Ctrl key. Basically change the Ctrl key with the Command key where ever appropriate. All the other shortcuts work as displayed for this article.

Right now we’re ready to play around with the shortcuts.

Permit the Kitchen space Sink

The very first thing you need to do is release the Visual Editor in WordPress. They can do this by creating any kind of brand new post and web page.

We would certainly highly recommend you will not modify a pre existing post/page because this is exactly for experimenting reason.


You will need to look at almost all the formatting software tools widely available by default in your own WordPress Visual Editor. In order to do that, it is important to click the Toolbar Toggle key. This shows/hides the toolbar, which can hold the some other formatting keys.


Click the“? Button” to screen the Keyboards Shortcuts dialog box.


Heading Shortcuts

These kinds of shortcuts are for the multiple headings from H1 to H6. You require not choose the sentence. Basically location your own cursor on the sentence to be explainedand also apply the keyboard shortcut (and also simply just a reminder that in case you’re making use of a Macintosh personal computer, you’ll make use of Option+Commandrather then Ctrl).

  • Heading one Ctrl+1
  • Heading two Ctrl+2
  • Heading three Ctrl+3
  • Heading four Ctrl+4
  • Heading five Ctrl+5
  • Heading six Ctrl+6

Simple Editor Shortcuts


For this reason, you will need to choose the word and phrase and sentence to be highlighted.

  • Cut Ctrl+X
  • Copy Ctrl+C
  • Paste Ctrl+V
  • Bold Ctrl+B
  • Underline Ctrl+U
  • Italicize Ctrl+I
  • Strike through Alt+Shift+D
  • Select All Ctrl+A
  • Undo Ctrl+Z
  • Redo Ctrl+Y

In advance Editor Shortcuts


This is why the actual enjoyable gets started. These types of settings permit you to play around with the good quality stuff so you finish up saving lots of time.

Written text Adjustment Shortcuts

Align Left Alt+Shift+L

  • Align Center Alt+Shift+C
  • Align Right Alt+Shift+R
  • Justify Text Alt+Shift+J

External link Adjustment Shortcuts

  • Insert Url Alt+Shift+A
  • Remove Url Alt+Shift+S
    Five Amazing Shortcuts You Most Likely Didn’t Understand
  • Insert Block quote Alt+Shift+Q
  • Add/Remove Code Tag Alt+Shift+X
  • Insert Image Alt+Shift+M
  • Insert Web page Break Tag Alt+Shift+P
  • Insert More Tag Alt+Shift+T
    Much less Made use of Shortcuts for the Visual Editor
  • Insert Distraction-free writing and submitting mode Alt+Shift+W
  • Open up Spell Checker Alt+Shift+N
  • Save Draft : Ctrl+S
  • Show/hide the Kitchen Sink Shift+Alt+Z
  • Help Alt+Shift+H
    Added Bonus – The Distraction Free Writing Mode
  • wordpress-distraction-free-writing-mode
    Turning on is mode removes almost all the clutter from the display resulting in minimalism – a refined white background with your own written text floating on the display.All that you can do is pay attention to your own articles.
    This mode has also 2 various shortcuts:
  • Enter/Exit Mode Alt+Shift+W
  • Widen the Editor Ctrl + ’+’ (Simply press Ctrl+)
  • Narrow the Editor Ctrl + ’-’ (Simply press Ctrl-)
  • Reset to Default Width Ctrl+0

Comment Moderation Shortcuts

For those who notice a number of comments every day, filtration all of them could in fact be a very difficult activity. WordPress knows about your issues. That’s exactly why they already have the entire focused array of shortcuts for comment moderation. Using these shortcuts you can still fly throughout a huge number of comments very quickly.
Permit Shortcuts for Comment Moderation

Before we get started with comment moderation shortcuts, we will need to permit the “Keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation” choice in our WordPress account. By default this method is to the disabled for everybody, and also requires to be turned on for every individual user.

  • Go to WP Dashboard > Users > Your Profile
  • Check the box Allow keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation
  • Click Update Profile

Comment Navigation Shortcuts
The the first thing you will want to do is navigate through the listing of comments. The currently active and choose d comment is highlighted in blue shade.

  • Navigate to Comment Above K (also known as the Comment Up key)
  • Navigate to Comment Below J (also known as the Comment Down key)

It will be impressive to notice that you don’t want to use any kind of key collaboration in order to navigate through the comment list. You could also navigate across comment web pages with the J and also K navigation keys. This implies that in case you’re on the very last comment of the current web page and also there is certainly one more web page after this, pushing K, i.e. the Comment Down key will certainly load the next web page.

Comment Moderation Action Shortcuts

One time you’ve chosen the comment you would like to modest (i.e. it’s highlighted in blue), you can make use of any one of the following comment action shortcuts:

  • Permit comment – A
  • Mark comment as spam – S
  • Delete comment – D
  • Restore comment – Z
  • Unapprove comment , and put it back into moderation – U
  • Reply to the comment – R ( Hit Esc to cancel the reply )
  • Activate Quick Edit for inline editing of the comment – Q

Large Comment Moderation Shortcuts

This the following is the prize-winner. When you have a number of comments you would like to instantly manage, the large moderation shortcuts is your saviour.

  • First of all you are required to choose the comments. Navigate making use of the J and K keys, and also press X to choose the comments you would like to modest.
  • Also you can large choose all of the the comments making use of Shift+X. Then you can certainly deselect comments making use of the X key

The following shortcuts are for large moderating the chosen comments

  • Approve comments – Shift+A
  • Mark comments as spam – Shift+S
  • Delete comments – Shift+D
  • Unapprove comments – Shift+U
  • Move comments to Trash – Shift+T
  • Restores comments from Trash – Shift+Z

Over To You!

As I identified the WordPress shortcuts, I simply had cut down my work time by 50%. No more did it I requirement to open up the Media Uploader to insert each and every brand new image. A fast composition of Alt+Shift+M prompted me the image I want to to make use of.

One out of my favorite shortcuts include the blockquote tag, insert image so the url modification tags. What exactly are your website? As well, when we’ve missed any kind oftags from this list, please you should understand or know!

Hope you all like this Tuts, if yes then keep us supporting by sharing this post, Cheerful Coding smiley.

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