How you can Add Verification Codes to Your WordPress RSS Fee

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Very often when ever WordPress bloggers sign up for third party publisher accounts just like Digg among others, they will be needed to confirm ownership.

Most of the service providers offer you lots of choices of confirmation just like inserting Meta tags to the header, uploading a blank data file, and then inserting articles to the RSS feed.

This article make use of for example simply because Digg version 4 has this brand new features known as auto feed syndication for publishers.

The only just method of confirmation is simply by inserting the confirmation codes to your RSS Feed. After we posted about our account on digg, a lot of our users signed up.

We have a request to do an article for this topic simply because it was difficult to understand for the beginner.

When ever Digg asks for you to definitely insert the articles in your RSS feed, which means so that you simply insert it in the next post.

So that you will be required to set up a brand new post (doesn’t will have to be about that service).

It can also be any kind of post, so you require inserting the code at the bottom part of the post. As an example, in case your own answer is:


then you definitely will insert:


The main reason why you insert the some extra components before or after can be so this code is not displayed to your users, but this can be still inserted the RSS feed.

When you insert this code, you will need to wait a little for just about 20-30 minutes for your own feed to update (specially when you are using Feed burner).

The code can go any where, preferably instead at the bottom part. As soon as your account is confirmed, you can also clear away the code from your post. I

n cases where you are inserting it in Digg this week, be sure you try it out lots of times or let the web page load totally before you decide to click on anything at all. Digg may be very buggy since it is brand new.

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