How to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts

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get a Better WordPress Hosting

Comments are resource intensive. Every time a user allows you to submit a comment on your WordPress website, your hosting server runs a PHP script. In case numeroususers are submitting comments at the same time, this can slow down your website.
You need to make sure that your WordPress hosting service provider can manage it. In case you have a bigger website, and then try out a managed WordPress hosting provider just like WPEngine for a better speed.

Use Comment Moderation Instead of Captcha

Installing CAPTCHA to block spam is an excellent method to do business with comment spam.
On the other hand, CAPTCHA is not user friendly; also it disapproves daily users from comments.
Rather than using CAPTCHA, make sure you enable comment moderation on your website and also manually approve each and every one comment (when you have to).
Comment moderation will likely not only permit you to block spam, it can also provide you a chance to interact with your users much more easily.
See our beginner’s information about how to moderate comments in WordPress for detailed information.

Allow Users to Subscribe to Comments

By default when a user leaves a comment on your web site, they will certainly have to bookmark the url to go back and also find out if there is also a new comment on the post.
Whenever they forget to bookmark and can’t remember the name of your blogs, they will probably never go back once again.
You can actually provide users a chance to sign up to comments on your WordPress posts. In this way that they can get instant notifications if there is a brand new comment.
That will extensively increase your page views and then number of comments on your website. Your users can find discussions on your website to become more engaging.

Take a look at our information on how exactly to permit users to sign up to comments in WordPress.

Notify Users on Replies to Their Own Comments

When ever a user leaves a comment on your website, there is not any method for these to check to see if anybody is replied to their comment. They will likely have to bookmark the page and then visit it later. Most users will not likely do this.
We can easily permit users to sign up to their very own comments. In this way they will often ONLY receive a notification e-mail whenever someone replies to their comment.
When you make it a habit to respond to most user comments on your website, and then this can develop a highly engaging community around your blogs.
For more detailed guidance take a look at our article on how exactly to advise users on replies to their very own comments in WordPress.

Show Newest Comments First

By default WordPress displays the latest comment at the end of the comments list. Right now in case you have a lot of comments on a post, and then users will probably beseeing the an older comments on the top.
It can be simply modified in WordPress.
Basically go to Settings » Discussion and then scroll down to a few other comments settings part. You will need to choose newest from the drop down menu.

To get more detailed details, have a look at our article on how exactly to re-arrange comments in WordPress – Show the most recent one at the top.

Turn on Comments for Old Posts

Most of the bloggers switch off comments on old posts to reduce comment spam. On the other hand, there is certainly a lot of users who would like to comment on these posts.
As you already are using comment moderation, you can still safely switch on comments on used posts.
Basically go to Settings » Discussion and also scroll down to other comments settings part. Uncheck the box next to ‘Automatically close up comments on posts old than X days’


Showcase Your top Commenters

The best way to motivate or be grateful for your most loyal users is simply by highlighting your top commenters. This displays users that they will be a part of your blog’s network, so you be grateful for their effort and hard work to bring in lifestyle into your comments.
install and activate the Best Commenters Widget plugin. Upon activation, go to Appearance » Widgets page and then add Top Commenters Widget to a sidebar.

to get more detailed guidelines, be sure to notice our guideline on how exactly to show your top commenters in WordPress sidebar.

Display Recent Comments

When ever users have been looking at your home page, that they have absolutely no idea what’s happening anyway in your blog’s comments part. As an example, there might be a heated up debate going on a brand new post just where a user might want to chime in.
You can actually provide users a chance to have a look at current discussion posts by displaying to recent comments on your website.
Basically go to Appearance » Widgets and then insert Recent Comments widget to a sidebar.


Allow Users to Rate and Share Comments

The default WordPress commenting technique is simple and easy. It really does not have the social, gamification, and then user involvement elements of a modern discussion platform. However, we can easily insert all these features in WordPress using plugins.
Basically install and then activate the De:comments plugin. Upon activation the plugin will wonderfully transform your WordPress commenting technique into a highly engaging discussion platform.

decomments (1)
De:comments comes along with features just like voting, user will award, social sharing, comment subscription, and many more. It will certainly help you save from installingsome other type of plugins mentioned in this post.
Notice our detailed article on how exactly to greatly improve WordPress comments with De:comments.

Notify Users When Their Comment is Approved

Whenever a user submits a comment on your blogs, WordPress displays them that their comment is waiting for moderation. The users have no idea of whenever you allow their comment and delete it.
You help to increase your pageviews and also the user engagement simply by notifying users when their comment is approval.
Basically install and activate the Comment Approved plugin. Upon activation, go to Settings » Comment Approved page to configure the plugin.

For detailed instructions see our article on how exactly to notify users whenever their comment is approval in WordPress.

Reply to User Comments

This certainly will go without saying, but in the case you would like to get extra comments, then you definitely would need to actively take part in discussion posts on your web site.
Which means you require to answer just as many user comments as is possible.
We can easily have a look at comments that allows you to answer and install and then activating the DX Unanswered Comments plugin. It will certainly permit you to filter and then notice comments that will be unanswered.
Notice our article on how to filter unanswered comments by admin in WordPress.

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