How To Create SEO Friendly Images in WordPress

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Search engine optimization of a WordPress blog can get done on a lot of phases. Starting from onsite to on page Search engine optimization. Images on your own blogs can also be very helpful to get website traffic form image based search engines like Google image search.

Though , not like text based articles, search engine bots can’t notice and also identify your own articles just like a normal user. They depend on image ALT tag to identify and also understand an image.

In addition to this, texts which can be around your images can also help to improve the ranking of your own images in image online search engine.

The best way to insert Alt tag to WordPress images:

The one simple method to insert Alt tag is by manually inserting into every image you upload. Whenever you insert an image into your web blog post, you will get a choice to insert Title and also Alt tag, which takes care of image Search engine optimization.

Even though, it’s not best position in case you have an existing web site so you have to edit all of the old images to insert alt tag. Just like everything, now we have a WordPress plugin on this.

Search engine optimization friendly images is just one helpful totally free WordPress image Search engine optimization plugin, which quickly adds ALT tag to your images.

The common fact just about Search engine optimization is making use of the appropriate image, making use of the appropriate keywords, using the appropriate tag.

 On this guideline, We will share the best way you can using Search engine optimization friendly images plugin to optimize WordPress blog images for search engine.

This plugin is developed by Valadmir, that is also a manufacturer of well known plugin Search engine optimization smart links and also founder of Managewp service. So, lets get start out with this plugin:


More Details

Install and then activate Search engine optimization friendly images plugin.

Now that activated, go to Settings>SEO friendly images and configure the settings


Making use of this plugin you can also automate both of them Title and then Alt tag of your own image. Even though Search engine uses only Alt tag to understand your image, but yet title also plays an important role and also it’s a good idea to give a meaningful name to your own Title.

The best method to have used this plugin is by giving a meaningful name to your own image before uploading. Rather than uploading images just like codi.jpeg or so on, give a Keyword rich name to the image before uploading. For ex: SEO-friendly-image .jpeg.

An best settings would be:

Use %name for ALT tag
%Title for Title tag
Click update options and also that’s it. Now, your images will help you boost the over almost all On page Search engine optimization of your web blog. And also Search engine optimization friendly images plugin, I highly recommend you to Install Wp Smuh.

it plugin, that help you to optimize the size of your images and will help you to make your web page load quicker.

If you would like to make most of Images on your web blog, you can also set up sitemap for your WordPress blog images and also submit it to Google

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