How to Create Backup & Restore In WordPress

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On this paragraph, we can easily learn about how exactly to Backup & Restore in WordPress. It can help in backing up the files and also restoring the database file folder. In WordPress the two main sections of support up just like:

  • WordPress Files Backup
  • WordPress Data-base Backup
  • WordPress Files Restore
  • WordPress Database Restore

WordPress Files Backup

To get the back-up data files of WordPress, you are required to install FileZilla Client on your computer.

Following are the basic steps useful to back-up the data files in WordPress:

Stage 1: Open the FileZilla Client as displayed below.


Stage 2: Enter into the Web host, Username, Password and then Port as the same you will have useful to log-in for your cpanel.

After filling up all of the the field, click Quick connect key.

Stage 3: Next, that you get all of the files or file folder of your WordPress web site at the right side as displayed below


Stage 4:Select all of the the files and then folders and then right click the mouse or click Download and install.

After downloading the WordPress files from cpanel, this can be saved on your computer.

WordPress Database Backup

Following are the basic steps useful to back-up the database in WordPress:

Stage 1: Enter the path http ://localhost/phpmyadmin in web browser. You can get the below display


Stage 2: Click the database name wordpress which you simply have created for wordpress.


Stage 3: After clicking on data-base wordpress, it will probably open up the below web page and then click Export tab.


Stage 4: So next, you can get two ways to export the database i.e. Quick or Custom. Choose anyone of the ways or click Go key.

After exporting the data-base data file, it will get saved on your computer.

Restoring WordPress Files 

Following are the basic steps helpful to restore the data files in WordPress by using ftp:

Stage 1: Open the FileZilla Client and then log on to your web site by using ftp as displayed below.


Stage 2: After that, open up the local directory in ftp and then upload all wordpress data files to your web site as displayed below.


Stage 3: Next, go into your wordpress file folder –> wp-config.php file. Copy and then rename wp-config.php file before changing, as in case if a couple of errors happen to you then you can certainly restore this data file back.

Open up the wp-config.php data file and then find the below lines.

define('DB_NAME', 'db_name');

Replace the db_name with your data-base name which you simply are creating.

define('DB_USER', 'db_user');

Replace the db_user with your username of MySql.

define('DB_PASSWORD', 'db_password');

Replace the db_password with your password of MySql.

Save your wp-config data file after changing and then upload it to your WordPress web site by means of ftp.

Restoring WordPress Database

Following are the ways useful to restore the data-base in WordPress:

Stage 1: Type of the path http://localhost/phpmyadmin in the web browser. You can get the below display

You can actually set up a new database and import your backup in the existing database.


Right here we will set up a new data-base name i.e. new_wordpress and then click Create key

Stage 2: Next, you can actually view your created database as displayed below. Click the data-base name new_wordpress.


Stage 3: Next , click Import.


Stage 4: Click Choose Data file key to select the backup data file from your computer. After uploading the SQL data file, choose structure just as SQL as displayed below.

Click Go key.

Stage 5: After that, you can get a message after the sql data file is uploaded successfully.


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