How to Create a Custom Home Page in WordPress

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Codituts  is making use of WordPress in case you can’t say to already, but yet now we have a custom design. Certainly one of the section about our design is the fact now we have a custom home page.

You might notice a lot of web sites on the net making use of a custom home page for their WordPress. On this article we can easily display the best way to set up a custom home page by combining the usage of custom web page template, and also WordPress admin panel.

Custom WordPress Page Template

Then read the above post before you decide to continue to keep follow this article. You are required to have a custom web page created already as mentioned in the post above.

When you have a custom web page created to fit your own require for the home page, you are required to set up one more web page making use of the method mentioned in the technique above except for you certainly will just copy and paste the index.php codes in this template and then name it blogblog.php and some thing along this collection letting you know that the template is for blog web pages.

Click on Settings > Reading

Choose the option of Static Web page, right now choose one out of your own web page to be the home page, while one more web page to be your own blogpage.


When you have done just that, save the settings and also right now you will have a custom home page.

You will now have a custom web page being shown as your front page, or a separate web page being shown as your web blog web page.

Option 2

Option 2 will not require the usage of Custom Web page Template Method. Almost all you just have to do is set up a brand new data file and also name it home.php, you can also using any kind of WordPress parameters in it.

This data file will certainly automatically take over your own index.php, also it will probably be shown as your own home page. You can make use of this technique if you can not wish to have a separate blog web page.

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