How to Change your WordPress Username

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Maybe you have tried to change your WordPress username to just check out that it can not be changed? In case you are, in that case this post is used for you. In this post, we can display 3 various methods to modify your WordPress username.

Method 1: Create a New User and Delete The Old One

The simplest way to change your WordPress username is simply by creating a new user with your ideal username and also with the administrator user role. It is very important to using various email address contact information then the 1 used for the old account.
Right now you will need to logout then simply sign in with the new user account you simply set up. Go into the Users part and then click the Remove url under your old username

While you are removing your old user, WordPress will be able to ask what you need to do with their content. It is important to click‘Attribute almost all content to:’choice then simply choose the new user you just created. Click the ‘Confirm Deletion’ key to remove the old user account.

That’s almost all that you have successfully changed your WordPress username. Should you want you can actually change the email address contact information of the new user to using the old email address contact information connected with the old username.

Method 2: Change Username by Using a Plugin

One more easy method to change your WordPress username is simply by using a plugin. In case you are any one of these users who don’t need to install a plugin for any very little idea, after that we will assurance you you can easily remove the plugin when you have changed your WordPress username.
The very first thing you can do is install or activate the Username Changer plugin. Upon activation, easily go to Users » Username Changer page.


Choose the username you would like to change, and insert the new username. Click the save changes key so you are completed.

Method 3: Change Your WordPress Username Using phpMyAdmin

This technique is a little bit problematic that it needs making directly adjusts to your WordPress data-base. We usually don’t recommend users to make up directly changes to their WordPress data-base. On the other hand, sometimes you do not have some other choice. Something like, in case you have forgotten your WordPress username oremail address contact information, then you definately can not be manage to access the admin dashboard to change username.
This method, you will find your username so you can also be able to change it.
Very first thing you need to do is login to your cPanel. Scroll right down to the database part and then click phpMyAdmin.


After that you will need to choose the data-base that your web blog is hosted in.


You will find out your WordPress data-base tables. By default, WordPress data-base tables use wp_ as prefix before each one table’s name. It can be possible that you may possibly are actually using another prefix.
Click the table wp_users on the left hand side. Then click on edit on the username that you might want to edit.

Change the user_login value to whatever you decide to want. As an example you can easily exchange ‘admin’ to ‘bob’

Click the Go key so you are completed.
That’s almost all, i hope this post helped to you learn to change your WordPress username. Also you can would like to check out our guide on what to do whenever you aresecured out of WordPress admin area.

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