how to change or reset wordpress password from phpMyAdmin

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Learning to reset your own WordPress password from phpMyAdmin is just one of the important features you should know about simply because in some way when your websites hacked, and something different, you will be not necessarily manage to sign in to your own admin panel operating the login important information, therefore you are unable to reset the password by e-mail, this technique can be very helpful.  Now we have helped to 3 users with similar problem for that reason i have made a decision to try this article.

Each and every The WordPress platform WordPress blog uses a MySQL Data-base and this can be looked at from your own phpMyAdmin when you are not using cPanel web hosting.  Use the following ways to reset your own The WordPress platform password:

Stage first – Verify the Name of your own Data-base

It is actually great for make out the name of your own The WordPress platform Data-base. In some cases will probably be working lots of installations within the similar data-base, then you definitely need to really know where you need to look for to reset the password. The best position to find is your own wp-config. php file folder which is usually located in your own root The WordPress platform Website directory.  Inside you will notice that the name of your own data-base.

Stage two – Identifying Data-base or Editing the Fields

In your own cPanel and any other admin panel, you need to access your current MySQL data-base and then browse it by phpMyAdmin.


Whenever you are in phpMyAdmin, it is very important to choice the exact data-base on the left hand side. Check for the name that you will found in your current wp-config. php or click that.  You will see that a list of tables with a prefix wp_ for the most part.

In case you adjusted your current prefix during installation, then you definitely is probably searching for that specific prefix “for ex: wp673_”.

You actually look out for the table wp_users, click it after that click the Browse Tab.


Click the Pencil ( Modify ) Symbol to reset your own Password.


Right now you will find out a field that is similar to this:


Manage the user_pass field equity.  You will observe that you have a number of casual characters in the password field.  Because of security and safety reasons, The WordPress platform outlet stores the passwords like MD5 Hash instead than Basic written.

Because of this you will not need to be ready to insert plain text or the password.  You must have to use the same of the MD5 generation devices on internet to generate your own password.

Really useful Device: JavaScript MD5

Easily type of your own password for the reason that device or generate MD5 final results.  Submit the code you receive from the converter into your own phpMyAdmin field or simply click Look at save you changes.

Now successfully changed your WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin.

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