How can you Optimize Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress

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Are you searching to step up your Google AdSense revenue? Most recently 1 of our users asked us to share a few AdSense optimization suggestions for WordPress users. In this post, we can easily share tips about easy methods to improve your AdSense revenue, provide you with a long list of a few fantastic AdSense optimized WordPress themes,and then share with you a long list of plugins that can be of help you boost your AdSense revenue.

Sounds good quality? Let’s start out.


Exactly what is AdSense and then How can it Work ?

The search engines AdSense is an advertising and marketing network work by The search engines that permits bloggers and also website owners a good opportunity to make more money by displaying content, picture, videos, or other interactive advertising on their web sites. These types of adverts are specifically targeted by web site content or target audience.

AdSense ads are cost-per-click (CPC) meaning to say you will get paid out for each and every time an ad is clicked on your web site. The total amount you will receive per click on differs based upon ad content and also user’s demographic.

So that you can receive 10 clicks on your ads just where 1 click on may be worth $6 and others are simply work $0.20 each one.

All this depends upon your user demographic and then web site content. As an example website traffic from tier-1 nations around the world (U.S, U.K, Australia, and also Canada) generally get a higher CPC vs website traffic from tier-3 nations around the world.

Here I will discuss three conditions that effect your all round AdSense revenue:

  • Ad Size
  • Ad Location
  • High quality of Website traffic

Let’s have a look at which AdSense size and then placements work the perfect.

Perfect Adsense Ad Size or Placement

Simply because we already know that Adsense revenue depends upon exactly how your users connect with ads on your web site, proper placement of ads is important forimproving your Adsense revenue.

In our working experience, the AdSense sizes that will work better are:

  • 336 x 280 (Large Rectangle)
  • 300 x 250
  • 728 x 90
  • 160 x 600

Note that they are pretty large ads thus are usually more prominent by default. The places that you would probably generally position them also need to be noticed.

The suited ad positions are your website header, above content, in-between content, and also after post articles.

Sidebar ads rarely have a very good click on throughout price (CTR) thus we have a tendency to avoid all of them altogether.

The common rule of thumb is the fact that make sure you position at the least one ad range above the fold over of your web site. Above the fold is the location visible to userswhenever they land on your web site without scrolling.


There are actually couple of AdSense position that you simply definitely would like to stay away from at all price simply because it may result in your account getting dismissed.

Floating Scrolling Ads – A few web publishers using floating sidebar widgets and floating footer bars to show ads that scroll with users. We’ve seen people getting their AdSense account banned for working like this, so that we suggest against by using this position.

Popup Ads – Now we have also seen folks showing their AdSense ads inside a lightbox popup. Also this is against AdSense policies, so you should really stay away from thisposition.

Ads above pagination – One of the most effective locations to generate accidental clicks on is above pagination. We received a gives warning from The search engines about that and also built a fast modify to avoid getting our account deleted.

And also whatever you decide to do, DO NOT click your own personal ads. Simply because that’s a sure-fire method to get your The search engines account stopped.

Having that being said, let’s have a look at the perfect The search engines AdSense plugins for WordPress that will help you improve your AdSense revenue.

Handling or Inserting Adsense Ads in WordPress

The best method to handle ads in WordPress is simply by with the use of an ad management plugin. These types of plugins permit you to insert and also control your ads from one place without writing and submitting any kind of code.

Here I will discuss a few WordPress plugins to optimize your AdSense positions.

Enter Post Ads


Just as the name recommends, Enter Post Ads is a totally free plugin that permits you to very easily enter ads inside your WordPress blog posts.

The plugin permits you to position your ads between your article which sometimes can substantially boost your revenue.

This can be very simple to use and also cannot require problematic settings. Basically set up a brand new ad unit and then paste the Adsense ad code. Choose in which you would like the ad to show up, e.g. after paragraph 1 and then submit the ad device. That’s almost all, the plugin will probably automatically start showing the ad in your posts.

Have a look at our article on how exactly to place ads within your post articles in WordPress.



Adsanity is a premium quality WordPress plugin to perfectly handle ads on your WordPress web site. It actually works with all of advertising and marketing platforms which include The search engines AdSense. We can easily set up and also insert ads on your WordPress web site and also handle all of the your own ad units from your WordPress admin area.

You can actually set up ad groups and also show ads on rotating basis. Also you can show ads making use of drag and drop WordPress widgets. For more info have a look atour article on how exactly to handle ads in WordPress with Adsanity plugin.

OIO Publisher


OIO Publisher can be another ad managing tool readily available for WordPress. It is actually easy to use and also can provide you a lot easier method to handle and also insert AdSense ads into your WordPress web site. You can actually set up Ad zones for various ad units and also using keys and also widgets to insert ads on your web site. OIO Publisher in addition offers site stats on how exactly your ad units are performing. Take a look at our article on how exactly to handle ads in WordPress with OIO Publisher.

These kinds of plugins work with all of the WordPress themes, and also we recommended highly that you make use of all of them for your ad positions.

In case you’re just about to start out a brand new web site, and then consider with the use of a few of the AdSense fully optimized WordPress themes.

Adsense Fully optimized Themes for WordPress

Simply because you can also add The search engines AdSense to any kind of WordPress theme, there are actually a few WordPress themes that can be a lot more fully optimized for advertising campaign. These types of themes and then either have unique allocated places where you can also area an ad code and have a structure that permits you to add ads in fully optimized areas.

Here I will discuss a few Adsense fully optimized WordPress themes which you can using.



Digital is a totally free Adsense friendly WordPress theme. It is actually a multi-purpose theme with a totally responsive structure. Comes with full support for WooCommerceand also an inbuilt slider. Digital can become very easily customized with custom header, background, and also color choices.

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