Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

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WordPress is a publishing platform this makes it simple for anyone to publish online, and also proudly powers thousands of web sites. It is available in 2 flavors: the fully hosted WordPress.com, or the self-hosted version, whose software is available totally free at WordPress.org.


  • Focus on your own beautiful articles, and also let us manage the rest.
  • Premium hosting, security, and also back up are included. You can also upgrade to a custom domain, just like YourDomain.com.
  • Select from 100s of amazing themes or templates. Make it your personal with Custom Design.
  • Integrate your web site with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or other social networks.
  • Popular features just like sharing, stats, comments, and also polls are included. There’s no need to install plugins.
  • Personal support or the WordPress.com forums always are available.
  • You are required to register for an account on WordPress.com and also abide by our Terms and conditions.


  • Get your own hands dirty, and also host your web site your self.
  • You’ll need to find a host, and also perform back up and also maintenance your self. We offer Vault Press for security and also back up.
  • Install custom themes or templates. Develop your own with PHP and then CSS.
  • Install a plugin, just like Jetpack, to enable sharing functionality on your web site.
  • Install plugins to extend your site’s functionality.
  • Check out the WordPress.org support forums for assistance.
  • No registration with WordPress.org is needed.

WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress is a community-driven project that’s developed by and also for the people just like you. A lot of millions of people from all over the world contribute to the project, and many millions of web sites are operated by it — 25% of the internet, for all. From big business web sites to personal blogs, and also every thing in between, everyone can publish with WordPress.

There are basically two methods to to get started WordPress. You can actually host a WordPress installation for your own personnel server, or you can host your web site right here at WordPress.com and also let us manage the technological parts.

Hosting your own WordPress web site may be enjoyable and also rewarding, but it also needs a few technical knowledge and also places a lot more responsibility on you, the publisher.

You can also download the WordPress software totally free at http://wordpress.org, but it must be installed on a web server before it will certainly work. You are required to research and also install your own themes or templates and also plugins.

A lot of web hosting providers offer a one-click installation of WordPress — here are some good examples. There are also a lot of web development companies that specialize in creating WordPress web sites.

WordPress.com is different. Right here at WordPress.com, you don’t have to download software, pay money for hosting, and also handle a web server. You can actually instead focus on creating great articles, and also let us manage the rest!

WordPress.com is an excellent option for bloggers, photographers, artists, plumbers, doctors, restaurateurs — almost each and every one. However, techies that prefer to maintain complete control over their code should consider hosting their own WordPress installation. We provide a great number of themes or templates and also built in plugin functionality so that you won’t require uploading your very own.

Submitting your web site is always totally free right here at WordPress.com, and also premium updates are available to help you supercharge your web site. These kinds of upgrades let you using a custom domain (just like YourGroovyDomain.com), extensively customize the appearance of your web site, upload HD video, and also lots more.

WordPress.com is a commercial enterprise owned by Automatics, a company started by the founding developer of WordPress and also staffed by full time developers, designers, and also support technical engineers.  Automatticians (employees of Automattic) regularly contribute back to the WordPress software so that the entire community will benefit.

Not sure exactly how to go? Find out more on WordPress.com and also WordPress.org to notice which can be best-suited to you.

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