Difference Between Posts And Pages In WordPress

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WordPress comes along with just two articles types, posts and pages. Just as starting out, you are very likely wondering exactly what is the main difference between to them?

It seems like to have very similar areas in the dashboard. It seems like to look the very same on the web site. Exactly why do I require both of them? When ever should really Using posts?

When ever should certainly I using pages? In this post, we can easily show you the main difference between posts and pages in WordPress.


When you are using WordPress as a blog or website, then you certainly can end up by using posts for most of your site’s articles. Posts are articles article entries listed in reverse chronological order on your blog’s home web page.

Due to their reverse chronological order, your posts are meant to be timely. Oldest posts are archived depending on month or year. Just as the post gets older, the deeper the user has to dig to still find it.

You will have the choice to manage your posts depending on categories and also tags.

Simply because WordPress posts are published with time and also date in your mind, they are really syndicated throughout the RSS feeds. This permits your visitors to be also notifies of the very most recent post upgrade by using RSS feeds.

Bloggers can make use of the RSS feeds to deliver e-mail broadcasts throughout service providers just like Weber and Mail Chimp. You can also set up a day to day or per week news-letter for your target audience to sign up to.

The very timely nature of posts make sure it is extremely social. You may use among the many social sharing plugins to permit your users to share your posts in social media networks just like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and etc.

Posts really encourage intimate conversation. They may have a built in commenting feature that permits users to comment on one particular topic. You can still go to your Settings » Discussion to switch off comments on older posts should you choose.


Pages are made to be static “one-off” type articles just like your about web page, privacy policy, legal disclaimers, and etc. While you are the WordPress database stores the published date of the web page, pages are timeless entities.

As an example, your about web page is not suppose to expire. Sure you can still get back to make consumer updates to it, but chances are high you would not have about web site 2012, about web page 2013 and etc. Simply because there is not any time or date related to web pages, these are not a part of your RSS feeds by default. Web pages are not made to be social in most cases thus absolutely does not include social sharing keys, and comments.

You don’t would like users to comment on your contact web page, and your officially permitted disclaimers web page. Exactly like then you certainly don’t want some others to tweet your privacy policy web page most of the time.
Not like posts, pages are hierarchical by natural means.

As an example, you could have a sub pages within a web page. The key example of this in action can be our Blueprints web page. This feature permits you to manage your web pages all together, or even allocate a custom template to to them.

WordPress by default comes with a feature that permits you set up custom web page templates making use of your theme. This permits project developers to customize the look of each one web page when ever a necessity. Practically in most themes, post or pages look the similar. But once you can be making use of your web page to set up a website landing page, or even a gallery web page, and then this custom web page templates feature also comes in very portable.

Web pages also provide this archaic feature known as Order which permits you to customize the order of web pages by allocating a good number value to it. But this feature is expanded by plugins just like Very simple Web page Placing an order that permits you to drag & drop the order of web pages.

Differences  Posts And Pages

The main difference we list below definitely have exceptions. You can also use plugins and code snippets to extend the functionality of both of them articles types. Below is the listing of key main difference by default.

  • Posts are timely  And Pages are timeless.
  • Posts are social And Pages are NOT.
  • Posts can be categorized And Pages are hierarchical.
  • Posts are included in RSS feed And Pages are not.
  • Pages have custom template feature And Posts do not.

Normally Wanted to know Questions

How Much Posts and Pages can I have?

You could have as numerous posts and/or pages that you really want. There is not any limit on the a number of posts or pages which can be set up.

Is there any kind of Search engine optimization added advantages to one or simply the some other?

Search engines just like articles to be properly organized. Timeless articles is considered to be very important never the less there will be a number of top priority given to latest timely articles.

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