How to Change the Number of Posts Displayed On Your WordPress Blog Page

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Have you would like to adjust the lots of posts showed on your blogs page? By default almost all web log archive pages display a max of ten posts per page.

In recent times 1 of our viewers wanted to know us when there is a simple way to modify that. In this post, we can make it easier to adjust the many posts showed on your blogs page.

The first thing you must do is sign in to your WordPress dashboard and then look at Settings » Reading. After that adjust the “Blog pages display at most” number from ten toanything that you would like.


Save you Improvements or that’s almost all.

Right now your Word Press blog pages can show the number of posts that you would like to show.

It is very important that you cannot select a number of more than 10 specifically when ever you’re not displaying excerpts. Simply because the a lot more posts you show on a page, the larger the page size which means that the more slowly it loads.

In past times, we totally changed our blog post count to five, but then we reverted back in displaying ten posts per archive page. We made this available change simply because our users would like to check a lot more than five posts per page while they were browsing our archives.

The number of posts you are displaying on your blogs as well as other archive WebPages? Let me understand by leaving behind a comment below.

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