7 Best Improve Comments Plugins In WordPress

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Word Press comes along with a functional commenting system by default, but that doesn’t mean it does not require any improvements. In a system like Word Press, exactly where there are loads of methods of customizing things, a lot of plug-in are used to improve the Word Press comments and also commenting system.

 On this article, we can be listing down a few perfect Word Press comments plug-in that are used to improve Word Press discussions by one method or another.

1. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack by WordPress.com is a suite of features that are brought to Word Press self-hosted blogs that are available by default on WordPress.com. Features just like Word Press stats, Photon, Security and even the Commenting system that is used on WordPress.com blogs.


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2. Disqus Commenting System

It is one of the most used commenting systems across the web. This commenting system is designed to be a very simple commenting system, both for the users as well as publishers. It has a very good spam elimination system that eliminates spam’s by noticing a lot of similarities between the comments.


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3. Lifefyre Comments

Also this is a commenting system just as Disqus, but it brings much more of a real-time commenting experience for the users. This can be perfect for websites that have already high comments volume as users can easily interact with other people who are commenting at that time.


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4. Facebook Comments WordPress

The official Face book plug-in is available for Word Press, but yet lots of people don’t like it simply because it either doesn’t work perfectly and has a few bug that come in the way of its functioning properly. But this is a word press plug-in that brings a plan and also simple Face book comments to Word Press without any frills or anything.


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5. Commentator WordPress Plugin

Commentator is a very simple Word Press comment management word press plug-in that permits users to comment on their social accounts. This can be probably the best high quality plug-in in the group of free ones that we have mentioned here, and it is totally for you if you have tried everything and are searching for something different.


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6. Comments Evolved for WordPress

In case you would like to provide your website visitors more than one option to comment with, then this word press plug-in will come in handy. Comments Evolved word press plug-in used to be a single Google+ Commenting system for Word Press, but this time the manufacturer has added an amazing tabbed commenting system in which you can use different plug-in at once as a commenting system on your blog.


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7. CommentLuv for WordPress

CommentLuv is a word press plug-in that permits commentators to display a web link to the latest post they made on their blog site. This can be done by fetching the website link from the feed of their blog when they enter it.

But sadly, this word press plug-in only works with the default Word Press commenting system so you can not club this with systems just like Disqus, and etc.


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