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Are you searching to insert Google Maps on your WordPress web site? There are lots of totally free Google Maps plugins available for WordPress which makes it difficult to know which is the best. In this post, we can easily display the seven best totally free Google Maps plugins for WordPress.

1. Google Maps Builder

Maps Builder comes along with a beautiful map customization experience with a lot of options. We can easily insert locations, choose map size, controls, map types, and even choose a map themes. All this can be done in a visual customizer.

Adding a map to a post is easy. All you require to do is click a button on the post editor and select your map. Maps builder also permits you to insert custom markers, and you can even display nearby places with Google places.


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2. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is the one other totally free Google maps wordpress plugin. We can easily create maps by entering an address, get directions, set markers, and etc.

Comes with a map widget that you can add to your WordPress site’s sidebar and any kind of widget ready area. Your users can also switch to street view without leaving your web site.


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3. WP Google Map Plugin

One more option for highly interactive Google maps is WP Google Map Wordpress plugin. It comes with a great set of features permitting you to create beautiful maps with a lot of custom information.

You can insert colorful markers, information windows, redirect users when they click on map, and also very easily embed maps with shortcode. You can save multiple locations and then create a map displaying these types of locations with custom markers.


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4. Google Maps Widget

Would like to quickly show a map in a sidebar widget? Google Maps Widget permits you to very easily insert a Google Map in your sidebars and any other site widget ready areas.

Clicking on a map will open the map in a lightbox popup with a larger view. Also you can choose pin colors and even use your own image as a pin.


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5. Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Would like to insert a Google map to your web site with your own custom placemarks? Basic Google Maps Placemarks permits you to insert placemarks with address, assign them categories, insert custom marker if you like.

You can create a lot of placemarks as you require and then show all of them together on a map using shortcodes. Also you can create categories to create completely different maps displaying different locations and also placemarks.


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6. CP Google Maps

CP Google Maps wordpress plugin permits you to very easily associate geo location data to a post and also display map with your custom images. You can choose a custom marker to be placed on the map for a location.

Almost all of the plugin’s other great features are locked and need the paid version of the wordpress plugin.


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