5 Best Search Plugin In WordPress

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All of us really like searching through the contents of the websites, and if the search is refined and also categorized, and then half of our work is done by the search engine on the web site. The point of having a very good search function is to help the website visitors to feed them with the relevant answers on the very first click on.

But yet, WordPress is not too lucky in the department of searching. It has evolved in the last couple of years but never took the search functionality of the graphs. The reason can be many, but we are not right here to find the reasons. We are now here to find very good alternatives to the built in search choice.

Almost all mainly because of the WordPress Eco System, almost each functionality on the WordPress platform can be improved with the help of the wordpress plugin. To help refine and also improve the most simplistic functionality of the WordPress platform, i.e., Search features.

The vanilla search feature is not actually up to the standards of the WordPress and also hopefully that it will get updated in the later version. Until then, we can provide help to or your web site with advanced search plugins that can build up both of them your visibility and also increase access each and every part of the web site without a lot of problems.

1. Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Searching for a wordpress plugin that provide live search on the web sites? Then Dave’s WordPress Live Search is for you.

The wordpress plugin is lightweight and also uses Ajax calling so that the website loads results as soon as the user types in the search term into the search box.

The wordpress plugin calls it the live search technique that improves the user experience and also creates instant results for the users.

The wordpress plugin utilizes JavaScriptas well as compatible with the theme or other plugins. The theme supports WPML plugins and can very easily be integrated with the Relevanssi wordpress plugin to improve search results.


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2. Relevanssi

The name Relevanssi is taken from the Finnish language, which means that Relevant in the English language. And also, the name completely fits the search wordpress plugin. It can be strong, simple to install and also customizable and can be said as one of the most useful search plugins after the SearchWP wordpress plugin.

The wordpress plugin offers a lot of features including configurable options and also results in a lot more fashioned manner compared to other plugins. The wordpress plugin supports fuzzy matching that means it can match partial words.

The search can be configured to put weight on the brand new posts and also profiles.


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3. Search Everything

All of us really like totally free plugins and also Search Everything is 1 of those plugins that can help you to remove the default WordPress search with an excellent choice. The Search Everything wordpress plugin improves search by integrating advanced search feature including integrating search features on any kind of template web pages.

The wordpress plugin can be very easily installed and also configured, and the search engine can be configured to search anything you like including attachments, comments, custom area, tags, experts, web pages or others. Furthermore, you can actually choose to refine the search by excluding a few web pages from the crawler. The search every thing offers two features, the first is Research Every thing, that actually works within the horizon of the web site. The 2nd choice is the Power Search, that can be used to have the search expand beyond the horizon of the web site and into the internet.


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4. SwiftType Search

SwiftType Search is a great alternative search wordpress plugin that can be totally free and also supports the latest WordPress version. It offers a lot of features including Keyword targetting, detailed analytics or others.

It will also be customized according to the search engine. Users are also able to customize the results in the front end, making it highly customizable.


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5. Custom Search

A very good custom search wordpress plugin b BestWebSoft that can be totally free to using and also download. Other than creating custom post type for search capability, you can easily to install.

The wordpress plugin supports 3 languages, or others language support will be available in the future.

The languages that will be supported by the wordpress plugin are Spanish, Russian and also Ukranian(English is also supported).


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