5 Best PDF Viewer Plugins In WordPress

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We will make blog sites making use of WordPress, you can easily make portfolio web sites making use of WordPress, and also we can also use it to create full-fledged e-commerce web sites!

The WordPress CMS was intended to be a CMS especially for blog sites, but it has evolved into a lot more over a course of time. WordPress is an open source project that means that you can take the WordPress code, make modifications on it and also redistribute it openly. This open nature of WordPress is the reason there has been a lot of upgrades and also feature inserted into the CMS.

1. Vanilla PDF Embed

This can be among the most used and also free of charge plugins to embed a PDF on a web page in WordPress. To make this plugin work, all you require to do is install thewordpress plugin, upload the PDF file into your WordPress media library, copy the attachment URL of the PDF and then you can also just paste the URL in a separate like into the WordPress visual editor.


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2. PDF Embedder

The PDF Embedder wordpress plugin permits you to embed PDF into your WordPress posts and web pages very easily without the use of any kind of external website visitorand iFrame.

The PDF document will be shown after resizing to the size of the web page in terms of width and height, and also all of this is done automatically. This wordpress plugin uses JavaScript instead of iFrame and also hence it provides a faster PDF show and also much better flexibility as well.

You can also browse through the documents making use of the Next/Previous keys so you will be able to zoom in making use of the zoom key just as well.


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3. PDF Light Viewer

This wordpress plugin permits you to embed multipage PDF documents of a lot of sizes in a flipbook kind of manner. Almost all the web pages that are embedded will have a thumbnail and the navigation between the web pages of the PDF is smooth and also quick.

You have features like full-screen mode, lazy loading of web pages, zooming, and etc. This PDF viewer is based on Turn.js, which means that no matter how big the PDF is, your web site cannot slow down at all. This is among the best PDF viewer plugins for WordPress.


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4. PDF WordPress Flipbook

A lot of WordPress PDF flipbook plugins 1st convert the documents into images, and then display the results. This process not only damages the quality of the document, but it also increases the server load as well as load times on the web page.

This PDF viewer wordpress plugin on the other hand, permits you to embed PDF documents into a flipbook without converting to them at all. You can insert a PDF document of any size with any number of pages and this wordpress plugin this will work correctly!


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5. Google Doc Embedder

Google Docs is an online 100 percent free Office tool that you can use to create documents like a spreadsheet, a doc file, a presentation, and etc. Also you can host and view you MS Office files on Google Docs.

This PDF viewer wordpress plugin permits you to embed these documents on your WordPress website, and also PDF is supported. This is the best PDF viewer plugins you can find for WordPress. Keep in mind that this might be a very good option over the GroupDocs wordpress plugin as hosting documents on a Google Doc account is free of charge.


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