5 Best Linkedin Plugins In WordPress

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Would like to bring a lot more users from LinkedIn to your WordPress web site? LinkedIn is a well known social networking platform for professionals,

which means it has a completely different and also often very focused user base. In this post, we can easily provide you with 05 LinkedIn WordPress plugins to win new customers.

1. LinkedIn Login

As the name would suggest, this wordpress plugin adds a login with LinkedIn feature to your WordPress web site.

Similar to Login with Facebook and also Twitter, this permits your users to instantly register and also login using their LinkedIn profile.


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2. WP LinkedIn

WP LinkedIn permits you to showcase your basic LinkedIn profile on your WordPress web site. It also works for multi-user WordPress web sites with the help of a paid extension.

There is also an extension to insert LinkedIn for companies features to your WordPress web site.


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3. Atom LinkedIn

This very simple wordpress plugin provides widget and also shortcodes to insert LinkedIn buttons and also badges to your WordPress web site. Simply drag and drop Atom LinkedIn widget to a sidebar and then choose what you need to show.

Currently, the wordpress plugin displays company and also member profile, company insider, and jobs.


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4. LinkedIn Master

LinkedIn Master comes along with handy widgets that permit you to show your LinkedIn profile in WordPress sidebar. You will still have to generate the code from LinkedIn Developer’s Network web site for your member profile widget.

The wordpress plugin also comes along with a paid version which offers company profile, company insider, available jobs, and alumni widgets.


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5. LinkedIn Auto Publish

As the name suggests, LinkedIn Auto Publish permits you to publish posts from your WordPress web site to your LinkedIn profile as status updates. You are required to create a LinkedIn App to get a client ID and a secret key.

After adding those keys to the plugin’s settings page, you will need to authorize your web site to access information on your LinkedIn account.
Once you have set up the wordpress plugin, you can automatically share your posts to your LinkedIn profile.

The wordpress plugin will use your post title, excerpt, and featured image in the status update.


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