5 Best CRM Plugins In WordPress

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Are you searching for a WordPress CRM plugin for your business website? A CRM (customer relationship management) system permits you to manage leads and contacts to increase sales and maintain relationship with customers. In this post, we can easily explain to you the perfect WordPress CRM plugins for your small business to help you effectively manage leads.


WP-CRM extends the built in WordPress user management system and also permits you to insert custom meta data. Comes with simple to use forms for the front-end, that can be easily added into your web pages. This also comes along with powerful filtering features which permit you to sort customers based on the custom attributes you insert.


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2. WordPress-to-lead for Salesforce CRM

When you are using Sales force CRM to manage your business contacts, and then WordPress to Salesforce CRM wordpress plugin is the method to use. It connects your WordPress web site to your Sales force CRM account.
This also permits you to very easily manage leads captured through your web site and also syncs them with your Sales force CRM account. The wordpress plugin also comes along with simple to add forms for WordPress posts and also pages.


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3. UpiCRM

UpiCRM is a totally free stand alone WordPress CRM plugin. It works with your WordPress contact form plugins to manage and also capture leads inside WordPress. It comes with a powerful user management system that permits you to assign leads, group contacts, send emails, and etc.

This also works well with your Google Analytics and then provides you detailed insights into user activity on your web site.



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4. WP-CRM System

WP-CRM system promises to be a fully featured CRM. It permits you to manage your contacts, projects, and also tasks from WordPress admin area. It has support for teams, groups, projects, and also task management.
The wordpress plugin also provides integration with contact form plugins, Slack, and Zendesk connect as paid addons.


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5. Presspoint CRM

Presspoint is a paid WordPress CRM solution with great set of features and functionality. Comes with email automation, e-commerce, opportunity management, events, and also custom forms built right into your WordPress web site.


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