5 Best Backup Plugins For WordPress

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Building up regular WordPress back up is the ideal thing you can do for your web site. Back up provide you with a a secure feeling that can save you in catastrophic situations when your web site gets hacked or that you accidentally lock yourself out.

There are lots of totally free and also paid back up plugins for WordPress, and also a lot of them can be fairly simple to use. In this post, we can easily explain to you the 5 best quality back up plugins for Wordpress blogs.

1. BackWPup

BackWPup is a totally free wordpress plugin that permits you to create complete WordPress back up absolutely free and also store it on the cloud (Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rack space, and etc), FTP, e-mail, or on your pc.

This can be very simple to use and also permits you to schedule automatic back up according to your site’s update frequency.

Restoring a WordPress web site from back up can also be very simple. The Back Pup Pro version comes along with priority support, ability to store back up on Google Drive, as well as some other cool features.


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2. BackUpWordPress

Backup WordPress is a full WordPress back up wordpress plugin with fully automatic scheduling support. It permits you to create completely different schedules for your database and also data files. The only issue is that the totally free version does not allow you to store your WordPress back up to a cloud storage service.

If you would like to store your back up on Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, and etc, then you certainly will be required to purchase a premium quality extension for this. The extensions are available for each service, and you can buy the one you need and the whole bundle.


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3. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is the one other WordPress back up plugin. It permits you to create complete back up of your WordPress web site and store it on the cloud or simply download to your personal computer.

The wordpress plugin permits you to create scheduled back up and store them to your chosen location. There is a premium quality version of the wordpress plugin with additional features and addons.

The only downside of Updraftplus is that despite having wonderful features, it has a cluttered user interface. This will make it hard for beginners to locate the options they require. Despite the clutter, it still has a really good rating in the WordPress plugins directory.


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4. Duplicator

As the name suggests, Duplicator is a popular WordPress plugin used to migrate WordPress web sites.

However it is also has back up features.

It does not permit you to create automated scheduled back up which makes it less than perfect for a regularly maintained web site to use as its primary back up solution.


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5. WP-DB-Backup

With more than 2 Million downloads, WP-DB-Backup is just one of the most popular WordPress backup plugins. The only issue is that it only back up your WordPress database.

It means that you will have to back up your media files manually. If you cannot update a web site too often and do not upload images, then you can certainly make use of WP-DB-Backup as your primary WordPress backup plugin.


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