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There are lots of instances exactly where a website might need the donation feature on their web site. Donation is the form of giving away money or other forms of valuable resources to the needy. The situation can be a non-profit organization trying to gather valuable resources for the people in need and a developer who regularly offers totally free open-source software and wants the users to donate as much as they can.

Other important instances include creating live donation by providing code hacks on YouTube and popular channels such as HackerRank. There are plenty of other instances, where one can very easily require a WordPress plugin to do the heavy lifting.

WordPress platform is a great place to build your web site. The main reason being its ecosystem. The plugins and themes can render each and every possible feature that you might require. Similarly, when you need a WordPress donation wordpress plugin, you won’t be disappointed.

These days, we will go through the best quality WordPress donation plugin to help you to put up donations on your web site.

1. Paypal Donations

PayPal is a popular method of receiving and also sending online money. Or, if you have been looking to get PayPal button on your web site, and then there is a popular Paypal Donations wordpress plugin available.

The PayPal button can be very easily integrated into your web site, either at the sidebar widget and using a shortcode. The freedom of placing the PayPal button makes the wordpress plugin a popular choice among the users.

The wordpress plugin supports translation and can be set to any currency. Also you can choose to create a custom payment page style for better design prospect.


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2. Donation Thermometer

Should you be looking to spice up your donation, and then Donation Thermometer is perfect for you. This simple wordpress plugin offers a sleek donation thermometer that is completely customizable.

You can choose to fill the thermometer with completely different color, display the amount of money raised by either percentage or real value. The choice is completely yours.

The wordpress plugin works with the help of the shortcode, and it can be placed anywhere on the website. It blends seamlessly.


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3. Seamless Donations

Seamless Donation wordpress plugin is yet one more totally free donation wordpress plugin. The wordpress plugin offers basic donation functionality including PayPal donations and also recurring donations.

The wordpress plugin also offers messages to be sent to the donor. Almost all the messages can be customized accordingly. The wordpress plugin is also helpful you to subscribe the donors to the mailing list. The best way to increase revenue and mail list.


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4. Give – Donation Plugin

A brand new wordpress plugin on the WordPress marketplace, Give – Donation Wordpress plugin empowers the non-profit organization, churches or other organization to gather donations. With small the number downloads in few days and almost all positive ratings, the wordpress plugin is here to stay.

The plugin offers features such as single and multiple donation, customizable buttons, and fields. The wordpress plugin also offers shortcode so that you can make use of the wordpress plugin any where within the web site.

This simple wordpress plugin also comes with a backend reporting panel, where you can have an overlook of exactly how the donations are panning out.

The wordpress plugin also comes along with tons of add-ons for more customizability.


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