10 Best Social Media Plugins In WordPress 2016

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Social media has without any doubts completely revolutionized the method internet users share info online. Once I first started blogging that was common for readers to subscribe to blogs making use of RSS. In these days, however, it’s more common for the people to subscribe to a website’s Twitter, Facebook or Google+ web page in order to be notified of brand new articles.

Social media has grown to become such type of an important part of the internet that for most of the web sites, social media website traffic is their second highest possible source of website traffic!

Just as a web site operator, you are required to make sure you’re taking benefits of using these kind of changes by that makes it as simple as is possible for people to share your own articles — which means that including social media keys on your web site.

Let’s have a look at ten of the perfect plugins (which include both the totally free and also premium choices) for showing social media sharing bars and also keys on WordPress posts and also pages…

Monarch – Part of Elegant Themes Membership

In shorter space of the time, Elegant Themes managed to establish their WordPress plugin Monarch into one of the most effective social media sharing options available on the web. The plugin is cost free to all those who have a web developer licenses at Elegant Themes (which charges $89 a year and also gives you having access to their eighty-seven WordPress themes and also five WordPress plugins).

Monarch permits you to show social media sharing keys in a floating bar, in a pop up, above and also below articles, and also on a fly-in box at the bottom part of each and every web page. What’s extra, keys are also shown on both of them pictures and also video.

The keys look and feel beautiful so the plugin offers support over twenty social media networks. Monarch provides you with a lot of ways to change so how things get shown:permitting you to select from a number of icon styles, shapes and also colors. There’s a choice to show the total number of shares next to each and every key you can also explain just what triggers a pop up and fly-in box to be shown.

In other words: Monarch is a well-rounded social media sharing method that has an extremely user friendly user interface. In case you’re already an Elegant Themes customers, I like to recommend providing that one trying first of all!

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress 

Available at Code Canyon for only just $14, Simple Social Share Keys for WordPress is a feature-packed social media answer that provides support for over twenty social media networks. I made use of the plugin for months on my private blog (before I switched to Monarch) and also loved the wide range of icon sets it offers.

In case you’re searching for a social media sharing plugin with a lot of basic customization choices, Simple Social Share Keys is good for you. It has dozens of completely different settings web pages and also boasts 12 icon sets, 19 built in web templates, a website template customizer, 4 key styles, 9 counter styles, four total counter styles, a shortcode generator, and also much more. Sharing keys can become shown above and also below articles, in a floating bar, in a fly-in at the bottom part of web pages and also by using shortcode inside the articles location.

The sheer number of choices on special offer may seem just a little overwhelming; however, thankfully, the plugin also features a handy basic customization wizard that can help you actually set every thing up the method you would like in a matter of minutes.

Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple and easy Share Keys Adder is a minimal sharing answer that permits you to automatically insert social media sharing keys above and also below your own articles location. Keys could also be inserted into your own home page, archives, and also excerpts.

15 social media expert services are supported. The plugin lets you change the text that’s shown the next sharing keys. Additionally, you should also change the styling of keys, adjustment, so the container. Despite being a fairly easy sharing solution, the plugin offers 9 completely unique key designs, permits the lots of shares to be shown,and also will come packed with a unique widget.

This kind of plugin is in fact getting used on this particular very web site (i.e. Winning WP) to show the circular sharing keys you’ll observe both above and also below all of the content (just like that one).

Very simple Share Keys Plus (the premium version) is available from $9 .99 and also offers various other features just like retina-ready pictures, click on tracking, and also sharing statistics.

Social Sharing by Danny

Social Sharing by Danny is just one of my absolute favorite social media plugins for WordPress. It’s a basic solution that adds sharing keys for Twitter, Facebook, and also Google+, to the end of posts, pages, and also media.

The plugin has a couple of simple choices. You can also change the text label, define your own Twitter username, and also select whether 16×16 pixel and 32×32 pixel icons are shown.

Social Sharing by Danny is a wonderful option in case you’re searching for a minimal solution for your web site.


AddThis (or simply provide it with its official plugin name: ‘Smart Web site Tools by AddThis‘), is just one of the most effective social media options for WordPress. That allows you to using the plugin, you are required to sign up with the AddThis service.

It offers 10 completely different social media sharing positions. 5 of those are totally free to using and also 5 are restricted to those who update to their professional plan (which retails at either $12 per month and $99 a year). And also they offer four follow tools, 2 marketing and advertising tools, and also 8 highly recommended articles tools.

Everything is configured on the AddThis web site. Almost all you just have to do on your own web site is install the plugin or make sure your own account have been switched on. Once you’ve done just that, any kind of changes you are making on your own AddThis account will automatically be applied to your web site.

The social media sharing tools are fantastic and also very simple to set up. For each and every sharing tool, you can actually choose exactly where the keys are shown, the size of keys, and also whether the web page share count is shown.


Formerly usually known Attractive Bookmarks (you will notice exactly why they modified the name!), Shareaholic is a versatile totally free WordPress plugin that offers social media sharing keys and also related articles blocks.

The plugin has an impressive configuration web page. You can actually customize your own sharing keys individually for above and also below your own articles on posts, pages, your home page, and also categories (i.e.8 different locations). The customizer permits you to select from four themes and also from 7 headlines. In case you would like, the headline can become removed.

The customizer also will let you change the position, layout, size, counter, and also alignment, of your own keys. A complete of eighty-three social networks and also internet services are supported by the plugin.

ShareThis: Share Buttons and Social Analytics

Share This is a well known social media sharing answer that provides 3 key styles. The plugin supports a whopping one-hundred-and-twenty social media networks and also services.

Keys can become shown above and/or below your own articles location and also there’s also both of them a selection of either a floating bar and a specified bar which can be shown at the very top of each and every web page.

Exactly where Share This lags behind a few business competitors is it is loss of icon sets. It only offers one style of icons (in either smaller and big sizes). Official sharing keysare readily available — even though it’s just a little a disappointment to notice such type of an extremely versatile plugin not offering any kind of additional icon styles to select from.

Floating Social Bar

If you would like a basic social media sharing answer, make sure that you consider Floating Social Bar. The plugin shows a basic row of official sharing keys on top of posts, pages, and also media. When ever a user scrolls down the web page, the sharing bar remains to be fixed near the top of the web page.

The plugin supports Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and also Pinterest. Just a few choices are available the admin location, just like inserting a label above the sharing bar, and also defining your own Twitter username.


Jetpack has evolved into just about the most extremely versatile WordPress plugins available to WordPress users. A total of 34 modules are also with Jetpack even more are continually being added by Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com).

The sharing module is very simple but yet useful. It provides support for 9 social media networks as well as e-mail and also print keys. You can actually show icons, text, icon sand also text, and official sharing keys. Keys can become enabled on your home web page, archives, search engine results, posts, pages, and also media. The sharing label and also Twitter username may also be described.

Jetpack provides a basic sharing answer. The output looks fantastic, also it just will take seconds to configure.


Motivated by the news blog Mashable, Mashshare is a big-and-bold social media plugin. The totally free version supports Facebook and also Twitter and then shows the total number of shares and also views. The sharing bar can become shown above and/or below posts, pages, or other post types.

A subscription box will also be available in the market. You can actually configure the contents of your own subscription box by making use of the WordPress editor. In case yourequire, you can still url the subscribe key instantly to a Web url. The subscription box is an excellent added to the plugin then one which distinguishes Mashshare from the competition.

9 premium add-ons readily available for Mashshare. Which includes an add on to insert support for seventeen some other networks, analytics, or a Facebook just like bar. Add-ons retail at €18 per add on for just one web site professional license.

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