10 Best Email Marketing Plugin For WordPress

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Most useful totally free e-mail marketing word press plug-in to drive a lot more traffic to your website. On Qd Techniques we will be sharing the brand new and also best quality totally free e-mail marketing plug-in for word press 2016.

 E-mail is one kind of the more effective communication tools in the world. Email marketing is the epic method to drive traffic to your website and also for the reason we can see the big companies give high priority to e-mail marketing. Small companies are passing hard time due to a low number of subscribers and also weak e-mail marketing method.

But yet the developing of technology we can easily do this task very easily both for small and large company.

1. MailPoet Newsletters

Now you can send your brand new post notification to your users and subscribers very easily with this mailpoet newsletters word press plug-in. It will be just one of the latest and also brand new totally free e-mail marketing word press plug-in 2016.


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2. Contact Form 7 Newsletter

It is easy to integrate e-mail marketing with this particular contact form 7 newsletter word presses plug-in for word press. Whenever use contacts you, it can be added to your newsletter! You can also add contact to multiple lists at one time. This is any one of the latest and also very best totally free e-mail marketing word press plug-in 2016.


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3. Sendit Newsletter

It can allow you to send newsletters or even collect subscribers from your web site and blogging site. You can also put the subscription with short codes in almost any post and pages. That they have also provide Sendit widget to put subscription code at any kind of post and page with feature images.


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4. Email Newsletter

E-mail newsletter is an excellent totally free e-mail marketing word press plug-in in the world. Using E-mail newsletter word press plug-in you can actually compose mail then can easily send to registered users, commented, subscribers and also contact form users. You can set up custom widget to collect e-mail with your website. Also it permits you to import or export all user important information. This word press plug-in has downloaded more than 261500 times so far.


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5. Easy Sign Up

This can be just one of the excellent totally free e-mail marketing word presses plug-in for word press. It can help to collect name and also email address though a form. You can also set up automatic response message that can redirect website visitors to any specific web page. It has downloaded a lot more than 132747 times so far.


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6. BFT Autoresponder and Newsletter

Here is one more excellent e-mail marketing word press plug-in, permits scheduling newsletter and also message, import and export members a lot more. You can also place a registration form in your website to collect email address. Moreover, it allows you to schedule unlimited numbers of e-mail. It has downloaded a lot more than 45306 times so far.


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7. Subscribe2

It is usually the comprehensive subscription management & notification system which is able to send e-mail notifications to the almost all list of subscribers when you publish brand new post. It will be one out of the very simple and also best quality totally free e-mail marketing plug-in for word press. You can plaintext excerpt & plaintext full post along with html excerpts & html full post.


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8. SendPress Newsletters

This can be very simple to use and also excellent totally free e-mail marketing plug-in for word press. You can also create your personal newsletter templates on this Sendpress newsletters word press plug-in. It can have very easily import post content facility and can also schedule newsletters to be sent at the best time.


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9. Newsletter

It is a lot’s of advantages and one of the very most well known plug-in for e-mail marketing. You can also create custom e-mail with visual editor, send and also track all of them. It permits unlimited e-mails and also subscribers. Also it permits subscriptions form and also widget to collect e-mail.


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10. ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Newsletter is a great totally free e-mail marketing wordpress plugin permits write and also sent e-mail to your registered users, mailing lists and also subscribers. You can collect e-mail though a registration form and also widget. The most important benefits associated with this word press plug-in it keeps your e-mail list update and also fresh by unsubscribed the bounced e-mail addresses automatically. It has downloaded more than 345946 times so far.


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